Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Datuk Ti Lian Ker condemned Dato Ibrahim Ali as Perkasa President which he thinks contributed to MCA's failure to convince chinese voters. First and foremost, Perkasa is NGO and not related to UMNO whatsoever. You can read  here.

 He was a second MCA leader after the MCA President himself condemned Perkasa, or Ibrahim Ali. What both he and the President said were irrelevant. They already made their points. What make things more interesting were respond from his readers. Let me republish the selected comments here:

Voice 1

"For a start, why don't you go to English & Malays media and condemn this Ibrahim Perkasa to his face?

Ibrahim Perkasa is not even a BN member and yet YOU dare not condemn him publicly!
MCA/MIC/Gerakan always using the cover of the face of Najib to talk and talk.

This slavish attitude is the root cause of BN's increasing irrelevance to non-Malays, especially Chinese.

If in rural Hulu Selangor  the Chinese can abandon BN to ~25% votes from 35% in 2008. Possible collapse to 10% with more and more young people registering to vote and as more older voters passed away.

Then BN will lose the Chinese votes in all rural, suburban & town areas for good.

Young people don't like this nonsense already.

Don't be like an old friend who keep coming back to borrow money with promises to change and yet blackmail us emotionally about the good old days of past history."

~ Ex-old friend of Addict
Voice 2

"Bull shit. How can you ask us to walk the middle road? How do we know the sincerity is there? This is another spin by you, a MCA leader. As you have said yourself, we do not trust MCA.

Prove to us. Then you can ask. But not before."

The Observer.
Voice 3

giam2020 said...

"We Chinese are not beggars. The so called handout are rightly to be given to us as our rights. We paid the most taxes but receive the crumbs.At the rate the BN government
is spending taxpayers money on non
productive projects, i dread the day
the country will have no fund left."

Voice 4

Anonymous said...

"The Chinese have had enough of "talk cock" from your MCA. Why are UMNO leaders so accommodating of PERKASA? And has any MCA leaders, you included, dare come out openly to admonish UMNO? Why are MCA leaders so willing to mollycoddle with UMNO? The Chinese can see through all these charades and "wayang kulit" you and your MCA are playing. That is precisely the reason why they whack the BN/MCA in Hulu Selangor in-spite of the huge amount of money thrown at them there." 

Voice 5

wisdom said...

"The Hulu Selangor by-election results which BN won by a majority of 1725 votes present a desirable outcome.

Not too much for UMNO's wild lords to be arrogant and not too little to give Najib a boost that his 1Malaysia have been accepted by the Malay community, this really matter very much. Its also tell BN that they still have a lot to improve and at the same time telling PR to buck up and manage their area well, winning election is not a license to cause troubles and this PR must understand.

Off course Zaid have done a good job by humiliating MCA tainted president....ironically, who is now talking about paradigm shift in its approach towards the Chinese community that he had destroyed by toppling DSOng Tee Keat as MCA president who have done the needful on that particular matter and who is the Chinese community preferred choice as MCA president. This tainted president is too stubborn to face reality that his stained reputation is a liability to MCA as well as BN. With all the humiliation he got form the Chinese community, he can't feel anything and still want to blame what kind of languages the tainted president understand???....

A notch up for Najib as well by not putting Mike Tyson into the ring for a sure win, instead he risk his stakes by honouring the pact to field an Indian candidates from MIC to take on a Malay candidate and won on Malay vote, this also show that the Malay community does not vote on racial line, and their deed should be embraced.."

Voice 6

Anonymous said...

"We chinese can do without hand outs .. rethink aid to chinese majority areas by all mean, we wont starve, neither will we beg!! Remember how Fu Ah Kiow slipped in oblivion?? The biggest losers were the guilds and associations yes, but so what?? Did they go chinesebangkrupt?? To teach the leaders a lesson, sacrifices have to be be it!! We are CHINESE, remember..and we dont need crutches!!! Bravo!!"

Voice 7

Tony said..

"I think Najib is the biggest hypocrite in the whole of BN. First he goes to say that the govt intends to reform and change but in the recent by election, he bribes voters with cash hand outs, offers money to school if wins. So what change is he talking about? Encouraging corruption is the change he is talking about. What kind of leader are you supporting BNDato Ti? We may be stupid but we are not that stupid. Please do not patronise the people DatoUmno leaders, in particular the PM, says or does. The HS by election shows how corrupted Najib is by using people's money to bribe the people. This is not the type of change we want to see. How difficult is that to understand?" 

Voice 8

"I was suprise that no MCA come out openly to condemn Ibrahim Ali after his stupid statement on the allocation of funds to the Chinese.
Why do the chinese abandon BN ?
- Malay racist ppl like PERKASA & Ibrahim Ali(How about racist chinese like Dong Zho and Sinqui?STB)
- Mohideen with his I'm Malay first(R u really Malaysian 1st? Why still want chinese school?STB)
- Utusan M'sia everyday racist remarks
- Follows now by Berita Harian
- Umno guys that continues to condemn the Chinese & Indian as immigrants
- Unfair treatment given to the real bumis ie the Orang Asli
- Continues corruption by the govt dept in spending lavishly
- UMNO goons relentess bashing of Lim Guan Eng's rule in Penang

These are just some of the reasons why. It has nothing to do with the problems in MCA. MCA as far as the chinese is concern are irrelevant.

To BN especially UMNO , don't continue to treat the chinese like a pariah. We may just keep quiet but comes election, we speaks thru the ballot box.
We may pretend to be stupid but once we have spoken, it hurts.
We are not beggars. Chinese are the biggget contributors to the income tax. We pay to the govt.
We don't expect any return but be kind to us. We will know what to do if we see that BN is sincere.
Until then, please do not humiliate us.
Sincere Chinese" 

Voice 9


"Being called prostitutes and pendatang, and now with Ibrahim condemning the Chinese in precise, what and how do you expect the Chinese to respond? Do you so naively think we will give you free votes?
Best of all, supposedly the protector of chinese rights group, MCA did NOTHING about it.

Even the once extremist PAS(beware Malays, we have traitor here, using Islam as weapon-STB) treats us better than MCA-BN. They at the very least voice out for us against those who degraded us(eg UMNO and PerKasa). Did MCA do that? No, they sit quietly, listening to those disgraceful words and nodded in agreement. MCA is just a coward in front of big bro UMNO, and BN should not be called a coalition. Simply because all coalition members have the power to speak up.
Grow up, and see how the Chinese will continue to fail MCA."

Voice 10

Berita Lembah Pantai( a rare malay voice)..

"the problem Datuk is that amongst the Malays we feel that the Chinese is asking too much. Even amongst PAS supporters underground they say Najib is giving too much away, and they mock 1Malaysia because of that. This is the truth.

So how?"

Voice 11


"When the Malays said something that hurts the feelin of the Chinese, to them it is perfectly normal. When the 9hinese said something that hurts the Malay feelings, to them it is perfectly normal.
Until someone or the media highlighted them and cause anger."

Voice 12


Dear Lembah Pantai,
We , the chinese did not demand to much. What we want is equal respect and treatment. We never question the constitution which have given the bumis right.
In the recent HS buy-election, did the chinese demand for the rewards or was it given by Najib to buy the hearts of the chinese?
And UMNOputras cannot claim that the chinese are ungrateful just because we vote for PR. Every voters have every rights to vote for whom they want. UMNO cannot demands such rights but we will change our voting pattern if we see some sincere changes in UMNO.
So, UMNO guns have to be careful with what they said. Don't hurt the feeling of others. Don't call us immigrant, be it Chinese or Indians.
Mind you, many 'malay' are not pure malay too. They are also those who are from Jawa, India, Sumatera etc. So, what is the difference that you want to us such.

Voice 13


Perkasa will not so arrogant without DTM. DTM will not so imperious without Armnor. Armnor will be defeated without MCA/MIC. The Chain is there and Perkasa moves as the fish head to ruin the family. Without TDM/Perkasa , MIC/MCA/Armnor is totally independent and gather with strength. 

Voice 14


Aiya, very sad lah . Until today MCA still don't know UMNO has partially outsource certain jobs to PERKASA.

TUAN BESAR Datuk TI, pls convey ibrahim reply today to MCA head sexy chua :

KUALA LUMPUR, April 27 —Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali refuted today Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek’s accusation that the loss of Chinese support in theHulu Selangor by-election was caused by the existence of the Malay rights group.

“Whether Perkasa exists or not, the results would have been the same. The Chinese voters have rejected MCA even before Perkasa was formed,” said Ibrahim (picture).

The MCA president had earlier today blamed Perkasa for the party’s failure to deliver the Chinese votes to Barisan Nasional (BN).

In Sunday’s by-election, the Chinese support level for the BN was reduced from about 35 per cent to fewer than 30 per cent despite winning the semi-rural constituency by 1,725 votes.

In Election 2008, the MCA’s share of parliamentary seats was reduced from 31 to 15. Perkasa was formed after the general election to defend the constitutional position of the Malays which the organisation claimed has been under threat with the emergence of a stronger opposition.

“How much influence does Perkasa have? Many Chinese do not know about Perkasa and what we are doing,” Ibrahim told The Malaysian Insider.

He also pointed out that the MCA has consistently failed to win in Chinese-dominated areas in the urban constituencies.

“Can they win in Kepong or in Bukit Bintang? Or was it because of Perkasa too?” asked Ibrahim.

The two federal seats are held by DAP.

“I pity Chua Soi Lek as Perkasa is the only excuse he could think of,” he said.

“If they keep accusing Perkasa, MCA will have a dark future because in the next election the Malays will not vote for MCA candidates,” said Ibrahim.

Ibrahim pointed out that the existence of Chinese pressure groups had never caused the Malays to abandon the ruling coalition.

“The Malays are also not happy with their demands, but the Malays still support BN,” said Ibrahim.

The independent Pasir Mas MP said Dr Chua’s personal issues could have possibly caused the Chinese to support PKR instead of the MCA.

“The resignation of the Wanita chief was really a big blow to them because it was motivated by moral issues,” said Ibrahim, referring to Datin Paduka Chew Mei Fun who resigned after Dr Chua was elected president as she said she was unable to work with a “tainted leader”.

Ibrahim said the MCA’s internal crisis, which started soon after Election 2008, had also caused the HuluSelangor Chinese to vote for PKR.

“I met personally the Chinese in Hulu Selangor. They are tired with MCA because of the crisis,” he said.

Ibrahim added that PKR candidate Datuk Zaid Ibrahim was also another factor that caused the reduction in Chinese support.

“If it was not Zaid, BN’s share of the Chinese votes would have been higher,” said Ibrahim"

Voice 14


Coward we are not, we just don't want to be tied up with C4 explosive.

Freedom of speech and free country are very much in doubts!

If Chinese have somebody like Ibrahim or Perkasa, he will be in case 1 already - all tied up with C4

Then at that time, nobody come to your rescue.

Najib said the money used in the recent by election are for problems already existed and it's helping those and addressing the real problem.

Well, not only Hulu Selangor have such problem and I think many other places in Malaysia have such problem too but I think they have to wait until their MP die and a by election is called.

Congratulation to East Malaysia, another by-election, please make your wish list as this this the only time Santa Clause comes to town.

They will give away money in a legal manner and even MACC cannot touch them.

If this is the manner to prove the support for PM and his 1 Malaysia then I think they better buy more armour car, submarines, jets, guns,... otherwise the next election, you might not have enough money to give away.

still irrelevant and Dato' - please ask MCA CC to make some noise and your new President to be creative and active like his VCD

Ask him to treat UMNO like the lady in the video."

Anonymous 15

 sunwayopal said...

Pls lah Ti Lian Ker, you are such a joke.

Stop Ibrahim Ali? How do you propose to do that?

The moment Muhyiddin ask you donkeys in MCA to shut up, you lot will grovel and keep quiet in 2 seconds !

ONly the DAP dares to stand up to UMNO and their racist leaders !

Voice 16


Perkasa is much concern on Malay, Majority Chinese votes go to Malay candidate, Majority Malay votes go to Indian candidate. Base on Perkasa idea , all Malay votes should go to Malay candidate, and with all Chinese votes go to PKR, winner should be Zaid but not the Kamal. Perkasa should ask himself why not support a Malay candidate.Perkasa should apology to Zaid , a Malay loss candidate. 

Voice 17


Those who brilliantly self-congratulate themselves on the act of silence in the face of Ibrahim Perkasa, thinking it's good opportunity to let "righteous" Malay brothers counter is foolish!

Ibrahim Perkasa has been given wide space to roam to set the national BN agenda, precisely because MCA/MIC/Gerakan chose to remain silent.

Even the NEM as been diluted with many new caveats, simply because Ibrahim Perkasa dictates the terms of national discussion.

The more freedom of action Ibrahim Perkasa has, the deeper his influence becomes entrenched in UMNO. Even Menteri Besars of Pahang & Johor came to officiate the launch of their local Perkasa chapters with Ibrahim Ali smiling away!

With many Chinese BN members heading various state & federal agencies at the pleasure of UMNO MenteriBesars, no one in BN dares to confront Ibrahim Perkasa to his face in English & Malay media...

~ Ex-old friend of Addict

Remember Malays, we too, have malays's traitor.


Anonymous said...

The traditions chinese community or their politician always pointed their finger to the malays when they are in trouble. They do not try to sit, silence and rethink how and why it is happened after prk hs. They are arrogant and shout and shoots the malays were made them hap hazard. Look at this chinese anon warning statement" We are CHINESE, remember...and we dont need crutches!!!..bravo".
Dato' Tee Lian Ker still childish when 13th Of Mei 1969 happened Or still baby thats time. But I was 18th. The Chinese community especialy DAP showed their tallent and arrogant like the current situation. They don't border the feeling of the majority silence Malays. The Malays are looking and keeping their emotion. But when they r loss their compast they r declare more dengerous.
Dont U know what is the malays power body to decide last... It is not UMNO or PAS or PKR. They are non politics. They incharge of the malays overall. Politicians all hopeless.We r MALAYS owner of this country nobody could undermind us.We dont care about economy, bisness inviroment. MAGERAN 69's Files never cancelled untill now. We prefer militery to take over and rule the country. Najib still like his father as chief of mageran. No need your taxs, no business . Are u ready to be just permenent resident after this? Mageran will amend the constitution without parliement. Dont u know mageran? If u dont know pls stop shouting.Put down your finger. We receive IMalaysia and we proceed our democracy.We live together n maintain our freedom such politics, biz,soc n sex. TQ

sri tribuana said...

When u r 18 during 13 May, I salute u for your first hand experience. Many young generations, malay or chinese forget or not even bother what really happened during 13 May. When chinese became arrogance day by day, and forget what we malays as native can do, 13 May is a result. They don;t care, they just simply arrogance like what they wrote here, as every can see. I just wonder why they dare to shout in front of our face. May be they assume our tolerance as weakness.
They may be wrong, and maybe cost them highly