Monday, March 16, 2009

History was created but those who break the rules.

I must admit, the caption was borrowed from movie tagline - 'Man of Honor'. However, it really fired me up and I kind of like it, and explore the history behind it.

When I investigate history, I discovered somehow there is a truth in this caption. To simplify the matter, we can divide this world into two categories: comformist and rebellious.

In 'Dead Poet Society' the teacher encourage his students to think differently, and always opposed the convention. Robin William, who play the role of teacher, encourage his students not to be comformist and always question even an estabilsh facts. And that kind of teaching in the end cost him his job. He was expelled from the school.

In anciet Greece, Socrates was forced to commit suicide because 'law and order' discovered he corrupted the young Greeces' mind. But it was Socrates who created history of philosophy.

Pablo Piccaso was not so bright artist, at least in front of his father's eye. His father was Director of Art in Malaga and latter Barcelona. He discovered his son not up to his standard. He enrolled Piccaso in Malaga University to study art. Pablo determine to master all the conventional technique from the past, and yes he can paint like the great masters of the past. He did that just to show to his father he can paint like them; but he was different.

After he proved to his father, he established himself with a reputation to break and defy each and every rules in arts. He gave birth to so called 'Cubism.' He was the only artis who became rich and famous during his lifetime. He even encouraged his son to do everything not according to the convention.

In 1999, when world financial crisis reach its peak, our previous Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhamad wrote in TIME magazine,: 'Called me a heretic.' He determined to pegging ringgit and not follow the convention of floating the currencies. Many orthodoks in finances condemned him, and even predicted his doom. Instead, Malaysia managed to get through the crisis without even become a slave to IMF.

Indeed, history was created by those who breaks the rules. And we supposed to stop being a comformist.

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