Friday, July 8, 2011

We Going To Miss This Democracy!

Our democracy is not perfect, claim some. Maybe, but it still bring stability. Some moron put this stupid phrase: " When democracy failed, revolution is an answer." They try to emulate Egypt, Libya, Syria and so on. 

Maybe this don't understand where their revolution going to take them. Maybe they simply plain stupid, or blind, and cannot see elephant in the small room.

"When revolution failed, police state is an answer. Who care what man on the street think anymore when there is no law and order in this country, and chaos everywhere. Then we going to miss the imperfect democracy we used to have. Even the great Pericles will agreed with me."

Fasten your seat belt, sit thigh and let those moron run amok.

1 comment:

pak jabit kg pisang said...

asal usul word democracy...."demo crazy"....perkataan mahu pun tujuan tidak ada dalam alquran......
tp mengapa kita terlalu agongkan perkataan ni?
...melayu bermandi darah nak merdekakan sayang melayu gak yg cuba menghancurkan nilai kemerdekaan ni demi "demokrasi"...

tp sejak bila demokrasi mengatasi kedaulatan sebuah negara?
pak jabit yakin polis mampu menangani secara berkhemah...insya'ALLAH...