Sunday, November 13, 2011


I was alone in Jerantut Hill. As usual, I always online there to enjoy its free wi-fi. I read some blogs, watching youtube and play game in facebook. Suddenly, I attracted to one profile, Kharunnisa Saleh. I try to add her, about a few minutes later she approved me.

She was in Ireland, whereby I was in Malaysia. 

We communicated via FB message. Then she invited me to Yahoo Messenger. We chatted, like every one else in new google generations. She sent me this song, Reconnect, a song by an Irish Band named Director. She sent it via YM too. 

Only in this age it possible. I saved it in my lappy. I began to like it. Whenever I hear again this song, it will bring back the memory how I meet my wife. It was May 2009, and we married in Ireland August 2009.

Oh new age, your bring a fairy tale to reality. 

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