Sunday, March 4, 2012

NAM: Tour of Duty.

When I was form 5(1989), it was almost ritual for my generation to watch a TV series named 'Tour of Duty'. But for me, I seldom finished it. I merely impressed with its' theme. Back then, I didn't know  name of the song. I just liked it.

Only not so recently, about 3 years ago, someone told me, it was 'Paint it Black'. Luckily, living in google and youtube generation, I can traced back the origin of this song. Here Mick Jagger and Rolling Stone:

Too old eh? But Jagger looks younger. Of course, it was 60s. But here the modern version of 'Paint it Black'. Please note that in this version, Rolling Stone drops the Sitar, switched to electric guitar. But the old version is more powerful, and mystic.

Now we see all the actions by Jagger. 'Moves Like Jagger' or 'Lembu Nak Jaga'(Remind me of NFC's scandal). Lets relax a bit. Here some Sunday Parody:

Nah, just kidding. Sorry I cannot update my blog for the past few days. Busy running around. I also have to 'cari makan'. But fortunately(perhaps unfortunately), I don't have 'lembu nak jaga'.

Happy Sunday folks. Happy holiday!

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YB Raz said...

tour of duty...dah lama x tengok cerita ni hehehehe