Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Love Letter


If I be me, I will be happy. Needless of the anger that have been bottled up; well who on the wide but flattened world has not any dark secret and anger. Nonetheless, not many has the brilliant way to appreciate today and living the future.


I have most of it. Well everything a girl could ever wished for. patience is all I need in order to see all that I've grown blooming its way out. Surely it will be beautiful.

I am writing this for my son. for my daughter.
I hope one sweet day, they will know how much I have already loved them even in their non-existence. I pray they will have a sweet beautiful life as mine in despite of being ignorant to the cruelty that can co-exist.

Dear, I wish u are here. With me, having coffee while enjoying the evening summer sunshine. I love you. Thanks for making me not afraid of the word I've hated so much in my life- so far.

Thanks for making me feel like I'm in love for the first time ever! Cant wait till august sets in!

No matter how broken my heart used to be, as for now, I cant remember a thing!. I truly can't.

ur forever princess xx


Someone so special, so dear to me wrote those words above. It was an awakening; for so long I thought I will never find so called love. Marriage is one thing, but to love someone for the rest of my life is another thing. She brought to me both.

In both our despair, we found each other. In both our sadness, our love grow powerful day by day. It was me who invented: "We are in love with each other everyday till I die". It was her who admired and appreciated that.

We are different. We are the same.

For you, I have no words to desribe how much I love you. But till death do us part, I will love you every seconds, every minute.....


Tok Ngah said...

...this is something which I could not understand you and your love.....well its never end actually but just dont over do it.........

sri tribuana said...

You will surprise if I have a minute to tell u but wait...
My dear friend, save the best for last.

KAYREN @ anisyh said...

huhuhu.. that pix up here? in this blog? *shy*
speechless xx

Jia Shamsuri said...

Sweet~~ both of u... =D