Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sajak Untuk Anwar oleh Pak Hak.

God Sent Anwar Ibrahim To Malaysia
(Anwar Ibrahim – Anugerah Tuhan Kepada Malaysia)

By Pak Hak

At this juncture of our beloved country’s history,
God tested our people with His creature called Anwar bin Ibrahim,
He causes havoc and animosity in this once peace-loving country,
Just because all he dream about day and night is power and fame .

He’s a chameleon whose ends justify the means.
So he changes colour so often at his whims and fancy,
He would not blink an eye to cheat or to lie,
To him power and glory is his life’s aim and philosophy.

Using people to meet his aspiration is another of his trait,
So friends and supporters of Anwar Ibrahim beware,
‘Cause when he finds your “sell-by date” is long expired,
He won’t hesitate to toss you away like some old underwear!

He spent seventeen long years in the government,
From Minister of Youth, Education to Finance and PM’s Deputy,
Ask any Malaysian if they can remember what he did or achieve,
The answer is blank as he spent most office time plotting against his adversary.

His academic qualification is only a degree in Malay Studies,
But then he was made in charge of the economy,
So he swallowed IMF prescription lock stock and barrel,
Raised interest rate, shorten NPL and almost bankrupt the country.

You will be mesmerized when you hear his speech,
He’s gifted with great skill in public speaking and oratory,
In the class of Sukarno, Chairman Mao, Hitler and Mussolini,
The masses will listen to them and even forgot they are hungry!

Friends, countrymen this man can only talk but cannot work,
Al l he does is fire your emotion with hatred, finger-pointing and accusation,
Our beloved land of Malaysia is too precious to be made a pawn,
Can we trust this man to lead the nation and the future of our children?

sumber dari Barking Magpies.


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