Thursday, July 18, 2013

No wind is favourable if the captain does not know where to go.

The picture above from Outsyed The Box's blog, under the title of Putrajaya Buka Puasa Talk. Basically he gives an allegory that in Malaysia, even the ship is heading to hit an iceberg but the captain busy doing nothing. No attempt to save the ship. In fact, he is nowhere to be seen.

I guess he is busy listening to his advisors. And his advisors busy feeding him with  lots of good news. Again I am going to blame the advisors. The captain cannot see the reality already. The advisors try to save whatever valuable before the ship sinking.

Is not fair to say they remain idle. The captain and the advisors did something but whether they did right things or not is different story. With that little efforts, they think they already save the ship. Oh poor them.

Here another allegory. 

While the keeper busy patting his own chest saying 'Look, I am a hero, I save a penalty", the ball closer and closer to the goal. If he stop acts dumb, he may has a moment to save the penalty, and  be a real hero. But he choose to be stupid.

The bad news is, if we, the passengers doing nothing, we going to sink together!

O Captain, My Captain!

Monday, July 15, 2013

How UMNO evolves from gentlemen arena to robbers baron's field?

When our forefathers built this nation, they can never imagine this newly independent country can be a rich nation through natural resources. They were too busy built it, created institutions and enhance our sovereignity. 

And our first generation of politician likes Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Dr. Ismail were very honest, direct and transparent. Someone told me, which I not agree hundred per cent, that he always believes PAS is a better party than UMNO but UMNO always provides better leaders.

And his notion of 'betterment' in term of PAS as a party is strictly religous. But he never trusts PAS's leaders. He is convinced PAS's leaders is not 'modern leaders' who can manage modern country. They lack modern knowledges and skills.

On the other hand, leaders in UMNO well equipped with modern skills. And as a reverse, his notion UMNO as a 'bad' party also strictly religous. But I admit, UMNO did provided good leaders if not better for a modern nation like Malaysia.

But seem to me UMNO running out of good leaders in their stocks. The last, (I don't like to say the peak) I see them during Dr. Mahathir's era. When was UMNO went wrong?

I notice UMNO begin to regress when the candidates to represent UMNO must be popular in Cawangan and Bahagian. And the popularity not necessarily comes together with qualifications. How to become popular? The answer is money.

Those who can afford to buy votes can be  popular candidates and win. In this system, the candidates' qualifications are not relevant. Those who being elected hold amount of influence and power. They can determine higher level of candidates such as Vice Presidents, Deputy and President himself.

In return, they will be reward lucrative contracts and so on. They will make easy money with politics. This will encourage more 'ordinary' local leaders to join politics, and push aside those who are brainy with better qualifications. 

In the end, UMNO will becomes PAS. No more good leaders left to lead UMNO in cawangan, in bahagian and up to Supreme Council. 

Yes I know, in attempt to stop money politics, UMNO try to push the reform. Now the voters will be more than hundred thousands compare to 'perwakilan' system.Even cawangan will participate but the problem is UMNO highest level of leaderships running out of good leaders already. 

Tun Dr. Ismail once discussed this  phenomena of money politics with his closed friend, Phillip Kuok:

"I only wish that people will one day establish themselves in the professions and business world, and enter politics like the British politicians.[...] My message to the youth [...] is that they should not go into politics until they are financially or professionally secure". (The Reluctant Politician by Ooi Kee Beng)

How many UMNO leaders read this book? I am not sure. But the young generation of politicians should take heed of the late Tun Dr. Ismail's wisdom. 

Money destroyed UMNO from within. Now we have a minister who give a solution  not to eat chicken when chicken's price rising up. 

Out of 28 millions citizens in Malaysia, how can we ended up with this guy becomes our minister?

May Allah bless Malaysia.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Leader's qualities.

One of my favorites pastime is reading military tactics and history. Call me an armchair strategist I don't mind. But thit is my favorite. Again, I have to quote one of the greatest military commanders in history: Napoleon Bonaparte: "Read and re-read deeds of the great commanders, that is the only way to learn the art of war".

But we are in no war right; so what is our business engaging those military minds? The creator of Red Army, Leon Trotsky reminds us: "You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you."

In war, we learn that the nation who prepares can thrive in the most difficult circumstances. You need to be well organised, disciplined and most important of all, making a crucial decision to determine win or lose in battlefield. Unlike politic or business, the real warfare involves human life. 

Clausewitz identified the distinctive qualities of the 'martial genius'. Courage, fine judgement, resolution and coolness, the ability to 'hit at once upon a truth that is invisible to the normal mind or becomes visible only after long consideration and reflection'. 

Can we use this qualities to evaluate the qualities of political genius? Hitler was once being labeled as an 'evil genius', but he also a political genius. Some author makes fun of the 'evil genius' definition. Certainly he was evil, but genius? doubtful. But I can assure you he was a political genius.

My point is simple. The one who makes the difference is a leader. Whether he is a military leader, dictator, politician, business leader and so on, the 'crucial decision' is his. So the buck should stop at the leader on top, the one that we entrusted with our faith, loyalty and destiny.

Like Napoleon was once told his commanders: It's not Prussian who defies Austria, France and Russia in Seven Years War but Frederick the Great. When political genius of Hitler failed to shine in the  last days of WW2, it was Germany who suffered a  terrible fate. 

The leader who has qualities of martial genius like fine judgement, courage and resolution must see the problem with his own eyes and must listen with his own ears. "Commander who sees through other people's eyes cannot command an army that he supposes to command." Again, this brilliant truth came from the Great Napoleon.

I remember how Malaysian being mould effectively by a statesman name Tun Mahathir. And he was the one who did the right thing even unpopular decision. But he has the courage, not only physical but moral courage.  His resolution becomes the habit of mind. 

And he acts beautifully managing the pressure from every single unpopular decision he made. He managed to silence his critics with the results he achieved by doing a right thing. His ability to do the right thing came from his fine judgement. And most of all, he doesn't listen without thinking to his advisers. He managed to impose his 'persona' to  the administration. 

He never ever even try to develop this nation through the eye of foreign consultants. He did it his way. Sadly, after he retired, his successors seem cannot manage the new Malaysia, a wild beast can only be tamed by Tun Mahathir. Even when he left, they inherited modern Malaysian, armed with experiences, knowledges and good educational system.

"An army of lions led by a stag would never be an army of lions."
Napoleon Bonaparte.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to kick out Punahsihats - lesson from 'Road to Perdition.'

As long as the King still reigning, no matter how many times you kill his Bishops, Knights or even Queen, 'King' still can appoints and recycles his team. The 'King'; even he is the weakest among the powerful but the most vital piece in the game of chess. As a rule, you MUST check mate him, finish him off once and for all. 

Or else, his Bishops and Knights, most notably his Queen will roaming around dominate the realm.

The 'King' is either reigns or die, declared Saint Just during French Revolution. The leader is either effective or politically dead.

We don't need a ceremonial leader anymore. We need a leader with his own principle, his own brain, his own vision to lead us. A leader who brave enough to make a right thing instead of a popular one.

Enough is enough. We don't want a leader who was  led by his Punahsihats. This is bad for our  nation. 

I am fed up enough whenever I read some of my friends' blogs about these punahsihat giving bad advises, and PM makes it as a policy, and some punahsihat made a terrible blunder and we thought we have done with him but instead, he being appointed to more powerful post.

Here the disturbing news: Toxic Recycling - The Gang of Doom. The draculas, pontianak, dinosour, loser, moron, opportunist are still around, and I believe the agenda is not to serve the nation. They were failed before, and as a rule they should vanish. 

But they still around and some of them talking about bring back talented Malaysian to serve this country. We spent millions to bring back talents but they still around. The talented suppose to reluctant to co-operate with these sort of creatures. Read here, here, here, here and here.

The millions dollar question is, how to remove them? We cannot.

In the movie 'Road to Perdition', Tom Hank is a hitman under John Rooney's(played by Paul Newman) payroll. He has trouble with his boss's son. His boss's son order the execution of Tom Hank's entire family. Tom Hank cannot kills him as long as John Rooney still alive. Ironically, John Rooney treats Tom Hank like his own son.

But of course as a father he has to protects his son. In order to settle his score with Rooney's son, Tom Hank killed John Rooney himself. Then he can deals with his son.

So again, how to finish off the threats from Punahsihat. Maybe we can learn from 'Road to Perdition'.

"Politicians and diapers must be change often, and for the same reason." This is a comment from blog Outsyed the Box. And I agree, we change them if they give us more shit.