Monday, June 11, 2012

Euro 2012.

Since 1998, after graduated and earn our own salaries, my friend - Ahmad Taufiq - and I set up our own tradition. We buy new TV at the eve of major football tourney. As in 1998, a new 29 inch was considered massive and expensive. On my side, being single reduce my burden to save money for engagement and weddind plan.

Taufiq, unlike me, already has a commitment with his girlfriend, yet to graduate a year after. When I bought TV, nothing he can did except occasionally came to my house to watch some of the important games. 

He had his revenge in Euro 2000 when bought a new TV while I was in financial thightness. I resigned from my previous job, and enter financial wilderness. I was 'loyal' to my old TV. Fast forward to 2012, we both bought new TV set for Euro 2012. Of course both of us already married. Taufiq has two boys and I have a daughter with another baby coming soon, expected of late August.

I always a supporter of Portugal. I am a great fan of Figo and his 'Golden Generation'. Last international tourney Figo played for his country was Euro 2004.Portugal failed to emerge as a champion even at her own turf.It  broke my heart. Plus it  was Figo last chance to get international medal before he retired.

Even Figo still plays in 2004, but I begin to miss the presence of 'Golden Generation'. I missed Victor Baia, Capucho, Fernando Couto, Pauletta and Joao Pinto. Only Figo and Rui Costa survive that year. 

Portugal lost to Germany in group opening in Euro 2012. Even strenghten by new  breed of players like Ronaldo, Coentrao, Nani and Joao Mouthinho, but I still miss 'Golden Generation." Portugal was known for the magnificent creative midfielders and wingers. The absence of Figo can be compensated by Ronaldo but the department make me worry most is strike force.

Even in the era of Golden Generation, Portugal always rely on Pauletta to score. And new striker like Helder Prostiga is never close to Pauletta feat and ability. So many chances wasted during Germany v Portugal match recently explain this phenomena.

Portugal cannot win the cup just merely arms with only beauty and grace of her midfielders and wingers without the ability to convert beautiful movement to goal. Things might be different if Jose Mourinho is a Portugal manager. Mourinho willingly sacrifices beautiful games to win. Even it mean ugly.

My prayer is always for Portugal. But she is in the group of death, and already lose a game. Her future seems bleak.

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