Tuesday, March 26, 2013

'Agama' Daim.

Saya meminta maaf jika tajuk ini provocative. Sebenarnya tajuk ini direka khas untuk Sakmongkol. Ini kerana Sakmongkol terlalu obsess dengan Daim. Jika Daim merupakan 'Tuhan', maka Oracle of Syed Putra merupakan rasulnya. Dan tolong, fahami ayat saya dengan balaghah.

Saya namakan posting ini 'Agama' Daim' kerana cara Sakmongkol menulis dalam posting terbarunya, Oracle of Syed Putra Speaks Again Part 2 bagaikan Daim ini highest being, yang tak tercapai dek intelek manusia dan memerlukan seorang 'oracle' untuk memahami, menafsir dan menganalisa kata-kata dan kehendaknya. 

Daim hanya manusia biasa.

Sakmongkol mendakwa, alter ego Daim, yang dinamakanya sebagai 'Oracle of Syed Putra' lebih memahami ayat Daim dari Tun Daim sendiri. Ini hanya kerana Tun Daim endorsed Najib melalui interview dengan wartawan NST yang disifatkannya sebagai  'musketeers eager to save King Louis and his Marie Antoinette', maka kata-kata Tun Daim itu tidak valid. Kata-kata Oracle lebih valid.

Lucu bila melihat seorang accountant turns politician, turns blogger, and as an act of turncoat, humiliated his intellectual capacity to pays his lips service to his new Tokong. Sakmongkol capable to writes and analyze even better than his new cheap propaganda. 

You can read yourself what he says, kununnya according to Oracle's understanding of Daim's personality. We dont talk about religion here, eh? Why needs highest priest to decipher Daim's words. Let's call a spade, a spade.

Di bawah adalah interview penuh Tun Daim dengan wartawan NST. Credit saya berikan kepada blogger APANAMA.

THIS is final part of the interview with former finance minister Tun Daim Zainuddin, who helped the Malaysian economy survive the 1997 Asian financial crisis.

Without mincing words, Daim discussed with New Straits Times journalists A. JALIL HAMID, RASHID YUSOF and HARIZ MOHD and photographer ZAHARI ZAKARIA the key events during the "Mahathir Years", including the events which led to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's downfall.
Question: Media reports suggested at the time of your departure from the cabinet in 1991 that Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had three names in mind as the new finance minister -- Tan Sri Sanusi Junid, Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Was this indeed the case?
Answer: Rafidah was then the minister for trade, having been appointed to the post after the Team A versus Team B split in 1987. Sanusi was minister for agriculture.
Dr Mahathir wasn't too sure about Anwar. He said, "I don't think Anwar can handle the ministry of finance" given his academic background. He was a graduate in Malay studies.
My counter argument went along this line -- "I think if you want him to be your successor you have to groom him.
"I can help him and guide him, give advice."
In the end, I managed to convince Dr Mahathir.
Anwar used to come to my house very often to seek my advice on matters related to the ministry of finance.
He would also bring me to to his house for lunch very often. His aunt cooked my favourite dishes.
Question: Given that Anwar had later named you as the "chief conspirator" leading to his sacking from the cabinet in 1998, when did things actually turn sour?
Answer: There was no fallout between us until he started accusing me of being a chief conspirator. This is an old story. No one is interested in the whys and wherefores. It is the now and the future that people are interested in.
Really, we should not waste time with Anwar. He is past his use-by date. His time had come and gone.
I also think that you should not give so much news space to him. That's what he likes. He does not like to be ignored, so ignore him I say. He should be left to be the entertainer that he is, dancing and singing at ceramahs. As I said his time is gone, like a burung punggok merindukan bulan, (a dog barking at the caravans, and the caravans have moved on).
But as you keep insisting, I will answer. The best person to speak about Anwar is Sanusi. They were in school together.
They were in Abim (Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia) and in the cabinet, and Sanusi was secretary-general of Umno. Anyway, I promised to answer so I will answer.
Okay, my answer to Anwar -- I'm no Cassius. I maybe thin but I don't have the hungry look. And definitely, I'm no Brutus.
When Anwar claim- ed that I was the conspirator, he knows the truth that I played no part, no role whatsoever. I knew nothing about the case until I was told about it. I might be a busybody, but I do not interfere with people's private life. I don't want people to know about mine either. I don't want to know what people do behind closed doors. I'm not interested. People whispered to me, but I said, "Look, we are all human, we all have weaknesses."
But I understand he was under pressure, it was his political survival and he was a drowning man, clutching at whatever to keep himself afloat, plus he knew that I would never answer any allegations thrown at me. I thought I was his friend and he was in trouble, and I let it be.
I also thought that it was so farfetched that it was laughable. Anwar, for example said I took out RM2 billion cash by plane. I must be an idiot, and any way how much is RM2 billion cash? Probably a few lorries to transport!
At the end of the day, truth will always prevail. You can't hide it. If not today, one day, the truth would be told. In the case of his supporters, even if he were to do all that he is alleged to have done, right on the carpet in front of their eyes, they will not believe. To them, everything is a conspiracy.
Anwar's problem was that his image was whiter than white. When stories got around because he got this image, it's difficult for people to believe. In life, some things are too strange to be true but they are true.
As Sherlock Holmes said, "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth".
There was a myth about Kennedy, too, but people did not talk about it during his lifetime. After his death, you read about him and what he did behind closed doors.
Question: There was talk back then that your motivation in ousting Anwar was that you were anxious about protecting your business interests?
Answer: That was his line, that he was this super hero fighting crime and corruption and, therefore, had to be brought down. If you know the things about him that I know, that line of his is hilarious, and the cheek of it all, to claim righteousness.
I had then retired and what business interests did I have? I had to sell all my assets before joining the government in 1984.
But later on, after I had left, when I was made chairman of the northern triangle, there was a clause in the agreement that I would be able to venture into business. I was not a member of the cabinet anyway.
I ventured overseas after my retirement. I didn't want to do my business in Malaysia. But after my banks overseas became successful I needed to have a bank locally, I bought a bank. You can check, it was very expensive, I paid higher than anybody else. At that time, the highest anybody ever paid for a bank. This was a one-branch bank. Later, I sold this bank, too, when I rejoined the government at the last financial crisis. I really should stop buying banks in Malaysia. Every time I buy one, I'm made minister of finance and have to sell them.
Immediately after my retirement, I went away to Harvard University, in particular to the Kennedy School of Government as a visiting scholar.
Anwar kept calling me in Boston. (He asked) why I stayed there and asked me to come back. He needed me to help him, but I said I was enjoying my stay. I met a lot of people.
It was at Harvard that I met Francis Seow (who once served as Singapore's solicitor-general). He was writing books. Interesting books. You should read his books. We became good friends and often exchanged views over lunch.
Then it was about the so-called "Daim Boys".
They were also very close with Anwar after I left.
Most were Malay College old boys. They were in school with Anwar.
Yahya (the late Tan Sri Yahya Ahmad) was his head boy and Halim (Tan Sri Halim Saad) was at the Malay College.
Anwar, through his accusations, repeated the lie that I wanted this contract and that contract, and that because he was in the way, I got rid of him. A lie repeated many times, unfortunately, becomes a truth.
What contract? I want to ask, which contract did I or my family secure? Show me.
Show me one single contract I got from the government.
So I have always maintained, the danger with Anwar is that Anwar is more Sukarno than anything else. All fiery speeches, completely economical with the truth and an instigator at his best.
Question: Was there a turning point, one that had caused a fall- out?
Answer: There was no particular fallout. I was his scapegoat, among many other scapegoats. I was his friend, Dr Mahathir defended him. I told him not to open the Pandora's box by making a police report but he thought he was clever.
I've told you earlier that you should not waste news space on Anwar. But you insist and I'm answering only to make the point that if you have Pakatan and him leading Pakatan, then we are heading down the road to disaster. He was tested during the Asian financial crisis and he failed. I also think that he failed not just because of his policies, but also of his motivation. Dr Mahathir, for example, was totally offended by the crisis. He could not bear to see what he had taken time to build destroyed because of the greed of speculators and financial vultures, and he wanted to make sure the country was safe again.
Question: Some commentators had pointed out that Anwar at the time of the crisis did not help by raising interest rates to such a high level?
Answer: In the case of Anwar, at that time, he was really badly advised.
Because all along we know, Anwar on his own did not know what to do.
He has to get people to advise him and that was OK so long as you get good advice.
And of course at that time he really liked (Michel) Camdessus of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and James Wolfensohn of the World Bank.
And he was also close to Robert Rubin (secretary of treasury of the United States).
All these people later came to endorse him.
But you see, different countries have different environments, different stages of development, different conditions.
It's not the same.
You look at what happened during that crisis to South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and us.
There's Singapore, China and Japan.
During that time, Anwar's stance was "follow what was advised by the IMF and World Bank".
That would be a normal reaction -- in a crisis like this, you need some big fellows to come and advise.
Because if there's any trouble, the IMF and World Bank will come and assist.
And if America backs you, you are also okay. And America has big influence over the IMF and World Bank.
In the case of South Korea, it wanted to borrow from Japan so that it would not go down.
But America refused to help. America told the Japanese not to help, so it went down and mind you, South Korea was close to the US. Don't expect the US to support us.
At that time, Robert Zoellick, who was deputy secretary of state, made it known that the doors were open for the American companies to go in to pick up companies at fire-sale prices.
This was the case with Indonesia when they came in and took almost everything they wanted.
They killed Thailand, too.
We saw what was happening. Dr Mahathir understood.
He said: "What we built... will be destroyed".
Years of growth and stability will be wiped out.
And if we are not careful, there might be riots like in Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand.
Probably worse.
So, he had to think how to stop it.
Question: Based on your articulation on the political scenario, you are troubled not by Anwar's so- called misconduct but more of his character?
Answer: I'm worried that he has not got the depth on economics.
If he again becomes the finance minister or prime minister, his inclination is to take the American line.
America is in crisis, Europe is in crisis.
He likes to identify with Europe, America and Australia.
He tried to get Australia to support him, to condemn and say our election will not be fair, etc.
He talks of Arab Spring, but he said the Arab Spring here is not a revolution but through the ballot box.
He had been telling the world that he will win this election.
If PR were to lose, it would be because of unfair practices and mobs could then go to the streets to protest. He promised to form the government in September 2008. Everybody got jittery and many believed him. That is his style. He is all talk and promises. Now, he tells the world he will win.
But the government isn't even responding. There has never been riggings in elections here. Last election, they formed five state governments.
Otherwise, how did the opposition win so many seats if the government rigged elections?
No election is perfect in this world.
But he has started this, and the government must respond.
Anwar is conditioning the minds of the people here and telling the world PR will win but he knows he cannot win.
As I said earlier, I question his (and also Pakatan's) motivation. His personal ambition is so overriding and an obsession that he does not care that it will be at the expense of peace and stability in his country.
Can you imagine the scenario if Pakatan does not get to Putrajaya? He will go on to claim that it is rigged and then bring on the Arab Spring here. Instigate the people that under Barisan Nasional, their votes were stolen and they have to go out to the streets to reclaim their votes.
This will cause havoc and he won't care because his ambition overrides all other considerations. And Pakatan doesn't care, too, because they are on the same ride.

Tun Daim mengaku beliau antara orang yang mempengaruhi Tun Mahathir untuk mengambil Anwar sebagai Menteri Kewangan. Tun Mahathir  meragui kemampuan Anwar. Ini kerana Anwar berlatarbelakangkan Pengajian Melayu. Beliau juga mengakui bahawa Anwar dianggap gagal dalam menangani Krisis Matawang tahun 1997, kerana terlalu mendengari nasihat IMF.

Kata Sakmongkol: "He(Daim) suddenly realises if he does not throw his weight behind Mahathir, even he will not be spared from persecution."

Lucu kerana jika membaca blog Sakmongkol, UMNO dan BN tidak mempunyai pengikut, makin tidak diterima. Mengapa seorang yang berstatus seperti Tun Daim takut dibenci oleh parti yang makin tidak popular, malah akan gagal membentuk kerajaan selepas PRU ke 13.

Sakmongkol, menjadi seorang yang 'religous' dalam agama DAP, makin hilang logiknya. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Tun Mahathir, Tun Daim, Tun Musa dan Bola Kempis - mereka kembali!

Seronok menjadi rakyat Malaysia. Politiknya bewarna-warni. 

Selepas meletakkan jawatan sebagai Timbalan Perdana Menteri dan Timbalan Presiden UMNO, Tun Musa berfalsafah supaya jangan menendang bola yang kempis. Ketika itu beliau mengingatkan beberapa orang 'panglima' dan 'hulubalang' Tun Mahathir supaya jangan mengusiknya lagi, sebagai orang pencen - bola kempis. Akibatnya kaki penendang yang akan sakit.

Selepas menumpaskan Tengku Razaleigh sebanyak dua kali, Tun Musa membuat keputusan untuk meninggalkan Tun Mahathir dan menyertai Ku Li. Antara sebab beliau meninggalkan Tun Mahathir selain tidak senang Tun Mahathir masih mengekalkan Ku Li sebagai Menteri Kewangan adalah faktor kemasukkan Anwar ke dalam UMNO.

Tun Musa tidak menyenangi kelibat Anwar dalam UMNO kerana aktiviti Anwar yang ingin mengABIMkan UMNO. Anwar pula pada anggapan sesetengah pihak 'anak emas' Tun Mahathir. Tun Abdullah juga menjauhi Tun Mahathir ketika itu. Beliau menyokong Team B - Team Ku Li dan Musa kerana mencemburui Anwar.

Apabila Tun Abdullah menjadi PM, beliau melantik Tun Musa sebagai Pengerusi Sime Darby dan dikritik hebat kerana kerugian yang dialami oleh Sime Darby. Turut dikritik adalah infamous kes menyewa jet peribadi bernilai berjuta ringgit untuk kawannya. 

Anehnya, sebagai orang yang meninggalkan Tun Mahathir kerana tidak senang dengan Anwar, Tun Musa membela PR. Kini 'bola kempis' yang menendang kaki pemain. Dan pembelaan beliau dengan menafikan Malaysia akan bankrap jika PR menawan Putrajaya itu tidak dilihat sebagai kecintaannya kepada Anwar.

Setelah Tun Mahathir memberi sokongan kepada Datuk Sri Najib, Musa menyokong PR. Dan beliau kelihatan berani berbuat demikian setelah meletakkan jawatan sebagai Pengerusi Sime Darby. Mereka kembali.

Insan yang menganggap dirinya sebagai 'bola kempis' kembali mewarnai politik Malaysia.

Dan antara Tun yang kembali mewarnai politik Malaysia adalah Tun Daim. Tun Daim memilih Datuk Sri Najib dari Anwar. Walaupun Sakmongkol memberi gambaran bahawa sokongan Daim itu kerana terpaksa, atau hanya bermuka-muka, tetapi beliau HANYA mendapat maklumat dari alter ego Daim - kononnya Oracle of Syed Putra.

Tambahan, Sakmongkol sekarang ahli DAP, pandangannya sudah terlalu partisan untuk diambil berat. Hanya seperti propaganda murahan saja bunyinya. Antara kenyataan Tun Musa yang berasaskan dendam terhadap Tun Mahathir, dengan Tun Daim saya lebih meyakini Tun Daim. Dan dengan stature sepertinya, tak mungkin Tun Daim mampu 'dibeli' oleh UMNO.

Dan Tun Daim adalah orang yang meramalkan kekalahan lima negeri menjelang PRU ke 12. Sakmongkol mengejek UMNO kerana mempersendakan ramalan Tun Daim. Orang yang mempersendakan ramalan Tun Daim itu adalah dari pemerintahan Tun Abdullah. 

Saya rasa orang mula mengambil berat ramalan Tun Daim. Antara Anwar dan Najib, bukan susah sangat untuk dipilih. Semasa saya ke Kelantan baru-baru ini dengan blogger Outsyed The Box, beberapa orang penyokong PAS tidak menerima Anwar sebagai PM. 

Dan saya merasakan sentimen itu makin diterima rakyat. Suka atau tidak, setuju atau tidak, imej Anwar sudah terlalu rosak. Tarnish beyond repair. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hutang Emas, Hutang Budi.

Manusia tidak boleh dilahirkan dan dibesarkan sendirian. Sebegitu banyak 'tangan-tangan yang tak nampak' menyumbang pembesaran, kedewasaan seseorang insan. Ketika anak sulung saya berumur kurang dari sebulan, dan kami masih di Ireland, seorang perempuan tua Irish menanyakan umurnya. Kemudian dia berkata: "Now we know how helpless we were,' merujuk kepada keadaan infant yang segala bergantung kepada kedua ibubapa mereka dalam semua hal.

Semasa saya masih di darjah empat, guru Bahasa Melayu saya menerangkan apa maksud pantun 'pisang emas dibawa berlayar'. 

"Pisang emas dibawa berlayar,
masak sebiji di atas peti,
hutang emas boleh dibayar,
hutang budi dibawa mati."

Sudah tentu selain dari rhythm yang menarik, kami tidak memahami kedalaman falsafahnya. 

Lantas dia memberi perumpamaan yang melekat hingga ke hari ini ke dalam kepala saya. Katanya, katakan kamu tidak ada duit dan kamu lapar, kawan kamu belanja kamu makan nasi lemak harga 30sen(memang itu harganya ketika itu), selepas itu jika kamu bayar seringgit, dua ringgit atau sepuluh ringgit sekalipun, kamu tak dapat membalas budinya.

Ajaran itu melekat dalam kepala saya, walau saya tidak faham sepenuhnya tapi saya tahu saya perlu menghargai jasa baik orang ke atas saya, walau sekecil mana pun. Dan saya akui, menjadi manusia yang lemah, saya bukanlah sepenuhnya berterima kasih ke atas orang yang berbudi kepada saya. Atau mungkin saya tidak mengenanginya langsung.

Saya menulis hal ini kerana saya bimbang melihat gelagat generasi muda. Budaya berterima kasih atau menghargai jasa makin terhakis seperti makin terhakisnya budaya memahami pantun seloka Melayu yang mempunyai banyak kebijaksanaannya.

Kita boleh lihat di media sosial, ramai anak-anak muda makin tidak menghormati sistem yang setidak-tidaknya boleh membawa keamanan kepada mereka. Anggota polis, askar dan sebagainya dihina, dinista dan dilempar perkataan yang tidak menunjukkan langsung rasa terima kasih kepada mereka.

Dan ianya tidak berhenti di situ sahaja. Guru-guru, mungkin ibubapa makin kurang dihormati kerana ramai mereka merasakan mereka 'begitu hebat' tanpa bantuan sesiapa pun. Keangkuhan dan kebencian menjadi kebanggaan mereka.

Saya akui sendiri saya kurang berterima kasih kepada mereka yang berjasa. Kepada ibu saya, nenek saya, ayah saya, adik-beradik, bapa saudara terutama yang membesarkan saya selepas bapa saya meninggal,  guru-guru saya; malah pengutip sampah depan rumah saya walaupun mereka dibayar gaji, pekerja IWK, polis dan tentera yang mewujudkan keamanan. Saya kurang bersyukur kepada rahmat dan rezeki yang Allah telah kurniakan kepada saya.

Saya sentiasa marah dan rasa mereka tidak berlaku adil kepada saya, walaupun sebenarnya mereka banyak jasa dan budi yang tidak mampu saya bayar walau dengan emas sebanyak mana pun. Sekarang masanya saya perlu menghayati dan melaksanakan kebijaksanaan dari pantun Melayu ketika saya berumur 10 tahun.

"Biar banyak mana pun salah kami," kata Sutan Shahrir, Perdana Menteri Indonesia yang pertama, "namun tidak tahu berterima kasih bukan satu darinya".

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Anwar Mampu Melihat Masa Depan.

Ini dari masa silamnya:

Dan di bawah ini merupakan ramalan Anwar the 'Nostradamus', a man who can predicts future, accurately. Wait a minute, almost accurately.

Pada 2hb Disember 2012 Anwar meramalkan Sabah akan 'hilang' dari Malaysia, justeru menggugatkan peluang BN, menyebabkan Najib 'goyang' menurut istilah Anwar. Pada 29hb Januari 2013, lagi sekali beliau membuat ramalan yang sama - masih lagu P.Ramlee. Pada 14 hb Februari, Anwar mengulangi lagu P.Ramle dengan masih tema 'Sabah nak hilang' dan 'Najib goyang'.

Anwar sudah melihat 'kehilangan' Sabah dan membawa kerugian kepada BN. Kemudian 'kaboom', Sultan Sulu palsu yang daif mampu menghantar tentera seramai lebih dua ratus orang ke Sabah membuat tuntutan. Kata orang putih: "arms to the teeth".

Dan henchmen Anwar seperti Sivarasiah dan Tian Chua juga begitu sibuk ke Filipina, seolah-olah mereka merupakan politikus Filipina, yang mempunyai serba kepentingan dengan perkembangan politik sana. Baca twitter di bawah:

Perhatikan tarikh ianya ditweet: 9hb Februari 2013

Mengapa politikus PKR sibuk ke Filipina menjelang isu Lahad Datu? 

Mengikut teori konspirasi; ramalan Nostradamus tepat bukan kerana dia boleh melihat masa depan, tapi kerana 'ramalannya' merupakan 'blueprint' kepada gerakan secret society untuk bertindak dalam merencanakan wawasan mereka. Setidak-tidaknya itu yang diperkatakan oleh Micheal Baigent, Richard Leigh dan Henry Lincoln - penulis Holy Blood, Holy Grail.

Adakah Nostradamus Malaysia juga mampu meramal hampir tepat kerana 'ramalannya' juga merupakan 'blueprint'?

 Jika tidak, jika tidak ada, ada..... masakan tempua bersarang rendah.....

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sultan Palsu! Serangan Bermula.

Saya makin muak(sick) membaca komen-komen keyboard warriors yang tiba-tiba semua menjadi pakar ketenteraan yang suka mengulas "patutnya TLDM dah halang kemasukan", "patutnya dah lama hantar askar" ; dan lebih teruk "mengapa askar naik Air Asia?"

Sementara mereka tidur dengan aman, beberapa angggota keselamatan samada polis atau askar ada yang terkorban. Saya dengar ada cybertroopers DAP dibayar hingga lima ribu sebulan, beroperasi di Wensworth Hotel, boleh yamseng malam-malam. Berapa gaji polis biasa atau askar yang 'occupational hazard' mereka hingga mengorbankan nyawa?

Keamanan ini bukan percuma. Saya mohon seluruh rakyat Malaysia berdoa, dan menyokong penuh anggota keselamatan negara. Mereka hanya bidak-bidak kecil yang terkorban, namun bagi keluarga mereka, mereka adalah 'bread winner'. 

Malaysia sudah bertindak. Tentera kita memulakan serangan besar-besaran pukul tujuh pagi ini. Semoga mereka berjaya dan Malaysia terus dihormati. Mari dengar kenyataan rasmi PM:

Kenyataan Akhbar

Sejak pencerobohan oleh kumpulan bersenjata di Lahad Datu pada Feb 12, kerajaan telah mengambil pendekatan untuk menyelesaikan konflik ini tanpa pertumpahan darah. Pihak polis telah mengadakan pertemuan dan rundingan dengan harapan penceroboh akan bersetuju keluar dengan aman tanpa dikenakan sebarang tindakan undang-undang yang serius.

Semakin lama pencerobohan ini berlanjutan, jelas kepada pihak berkuasa bahawa penceroboh tidak berniat untuk keluar dari tanah Sabah. Pada hari Jumaat lepas mereka telah melepaskan tembakan ke arah anggota polis yang bertugas di kawasan tersebut menyebabkan dua anggota kita terbunuh, sehari kemudian enam lagi anggota polis dibunuh oleh penceroboh di Semporna.

Setelah serangan yang pertama, saya telah menegaskan bahawa penceroboh mesti menyerah diri dan jika mereka enggan pihak berkuasa negara ini akan bertindak. 

Sebagai negara Islam yang cintakan keamanan dan mengangkatkan perjuangan penyelesaian konflik scara perundingan, usaha kita menggelakkan pertumpahan darah di Lahad Datu tidak berjaya. Sebaliknya, anggota pasukan keselamatan kita diserang dan dibunuh, rakyat Malaysia khususnya di Sabah bimbangkan keselamatan mereka.

Kerajaan mesti mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya bagi menjaga marurah dan kedaultan negara sebagaimana yang dituntut oleh rakyat. Pada jam 7pagi ini pasukan keselamatan telah melancarkan serangan di Kampung Tanduo.

Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Razak


Monday, March 4, 2013

"Polis Tetap Anjing Kerajaan" kata media PKR

Tidak ada simpati, tidak ada rasa hormat kepada keluarga anggota polis yang terkorban, media PKR terus melabelkan polis sebagai 'anjing kerajaan.' Sila rujuk kepada link ini jika anda tidak percaya. Saya  copy and paste artikel itu dalam blog ini. Warna biru adalah komen saya.

SEJAK semalam, laman ini melihat media arus perdana, terutama TV, berulang kali menyiarkan rakaman video isteri dan anak 2 anggota Komando VAT69 yang terkorban.  Ramai di kalangan orang yang menonton imej tersebut dilihat mengalirkan air mata, apa yang sedih sangat pun tak tahulah, macam saudara dia yang mati.
Persoalannya sekarang, apa yang cuba dicapai dengan memainkan video tersebut berulang kali?  Adakah cuba nak mendapat simpati rakyat atau cuba nak memperbaiki imej polis yang begitu teruk terjejas sekarang ini dek perlakuan rasuah yang berleluasa?
Pakatan Rakyat mengecam sekeras-kerasnya eksploitasi kanak-kanak dan janda dalam isu ini semata-mata untuk meningkatkan imej polis dan kerajaan.(BERSIH juga eksploit kanak-kanak dan wanita)
Ada lebih banyak isu di luar sana membabitkan intergriti pasukan polis yang perlu diberi perhatian kerajaan, seperti kekejaman yang dilakukan mereka dalam himpunan Bersih 3.0 tahun lepas dan bukan cuba meraih publisiti murahan dengan tindakan seumpama ini.
Untuk rekod, sejak zaman reformasi bermula pada tahun 1998, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim kerap menggelarkan polis sebagai anjing kerajaan kerana kepatuhan melampau pasukan tersebut terhadap pemerintah, termasuk menzalimi rakyat dalam pelbagai bentuk dan cara.
Pakatan Rakyat tetap melihat banyak yang tidak kena dengan pasukan polis sekarang dan semua ini memerlukan rombakan besar-besaran diperingkat operasi dan pengurusan.
Jangan haraplah insiden kematian 2 orang anggota Komando ini akan mengubah pandangan negatif rakyat terhadap pasukan polis.  Rasuah tetap rasuah, penyelewengan tetap penyelewengan, tidak ada ubat untuk menangani semua itu melainkan perubahan drastik dalam pasukan polis secara keseluruhannya.
Hanya orang bodoh saja yang percaya pemutaran imej-imej seumpama ini dapat memperbaiki imej polis yang sedang teruk tercalar.

Bagi PKR, semuanya politik.