Saturday, July 20, 2013


Maybe readers notice after election, especially after the formation of cabinet, I criticise UMNO more than pembangkang. I still a staunch UMNO supporter, and still hope something good will eventually come. 

My reason is simple. If we play golf, your opponents are irrelevant. The most important thing is how we going to conquer the terrain. If the terrain is the voters, they are matter most. But if we keep upsetting the voters, meaning we are not a good golfer which pay too much attention to his rival than mastering the terrain.

The reform in UMNO is a must. After so many presidents, UMNO has been gone through many changes. As we take the notion: 'The only permanent is change', UMNO needs to respond quickly. Certain things maybe good during his tenure, now maybe not really suitable. Different epoch needs a different solution.

If Tun is a good father who can provides wealth and prosperity during his era, as a side effect UMNO top guns become well off and eventual end up with money politics. Even Tun expressed his concerns on money politics, and reminds UMNO members how dangerous it can be. 

Ten years after his resignation, the effect of money politics in UMNO was very destructive. The system allows many bad apples appear in the political scene, become powerful and determine the fate of 3 million UMNO  members. 

In order to win next GE, UMNO must change. UMNO must get rid of bad apples. UMNO must go back to its root and supporters: the malay. 

As a habit of most successful people(and nation), we must put the first thing first. Where is the change should begins? I am a believer of a good captain determines the ship's fate. 'Leader is a dealer in hope', says Napoleon. Good or bad commander can determines the outcome of a battle. 

To answer that from my  opinion, the change must begins with the captain himself. That is the price of being the captain. One bad calls can cost him his job. He opens the door to the mutiny. In order to save the ship, we need single coherent leadership. Ship in trouble water cannot be divided. 

The captain used to say in one of forums he attended, and I was there too. "We are crazy if we attempt over and over again towards something with the same method, a proven fails method." He refers to NEP. 

I agree. Why we want to follow a failed captain? Are we crazy if we dare not to remove him after he  was proven as  a failed leader?


Anonymous said...

Sama seperti saudara,saya mahukan kapten ataupun pemimpin yang dapat menjamin ,mempertahankan dan memperkasakan Melayu muslim,bumiputera lain-lainnya kearah yang lebih baik daripada yang ada pada hari ini.

Perlu sangat-sangat pada pemimpin yang tegas dan tidak flip-flop kerana Malaysia negara majmuk.

Betul-betul inginkan pemimpin yang pintar dan licik yang cenderung kearah kesejahteraan dan kemakmuran negara.

Anonymous said...

Or is this captain king of wishful thinking ?

Anonymous said...

it should begin with more democratic space, free election for all party posts , after all , this is one root causes for the present malaise in umno................

Anonymous said...

sharizat kata jangan lawa saya , nanti parti berpecah, ini lah punca masaalah umno, jangan lawan tokey, mana nak maju macam ni....setuju tukar lah cara sikit.......