Thursday, July 18, 2013

No wind is favourable if the captain does not know where to go.

The picture above from Outsyed The Box's blog, under the title of Putrajaya Buka Puasa Talk. Basically he gives an allegory that in Malaysia, even the ship is heading to hit an iceberg but the captain busy doing nothing. No attempt to save the ship. In fact, he is nowhere to be seen.

I guess he is busy listening to his advisors. And his advisors busy feeding him with  lots of good news. Again I am going to blame the advisors. The captain cannot see the reality already. The advisors try to save whatever valuable before the ship sinking.

Is not fair to say they remain idle. The captain and the advisors did something but whether they did right things or not is different story. With that little efforts, they think they already save the ship. Oh poor them.

Here another allegory. 

While the keeper busy patting his own chest saying 'Look, I am a hero, I save a penalty", the ball closer and closer to the goal. If he stop acts dumb, he may has a moment to save the penalty, and  be a real hero. But he choose to be stupid.

The bad news is, if we, the passengers doing nothing, we going to sink together!

O Captain, My Captain!


Anonymous said...


Would you set sail with this Muslim guy as your captain especially when the pirates are messing around?

Sailing for a good cause:

wak Salam said...

Wan, aok ckp dgn bahagian Jerantut jgn undi Najib sbg presiden PAU nanti.

Anonymous said...

aok ckp gak ngan rodong kat temerloh. koi meluat dgn najib dan adun semantan (calun). tah mende la dia org buat. tetamboh bila KJ dtg. kusut....

Anonymous said...

Aku tengok pirate ship to ada captain
dia gelak-gelak besar
apa dah jadi ni ?
agaknya malaysia ni layak diketuai 5 presiden umno aje
yang kemudiannya semua hampeh
menjahanamkan kemakmuran, kesejahteraan, keharmonian malaysia termasuk yang satu lagi tu yang gila kuasa yang kena buang kerja
dia kena buang kerja la dan masuk jel lagi
yang kawan dia tebuat buruk dan kerja menyalak aje dah 40 tahun lebih & kawan lagi seorang geng serban.... lari, lari, lari
nah maaysia hari ini dipenuhi sampah sarap tersrbur di atas
mana melayu macam dao' maharaja lela ?
ni apa melayu siam, melayu boyan, melayu arab, melayu mamak, arab cina, lepas ni melayu apa pulak ? dia tak kira apa melayu pun; janji bihaksana menugurus negara
kalau cina yang kemahuan rakyat, cina pun boleh. tapi ada ke ? boleh percaya ke ?

Anonymous said...


Visited your blog and posting almost 10 times already. Get to know it after bro luar kotak promoted it. Just now clicked your profile and surprisingly you are also young gun. I tot you are 60 series.

Apa apa pun saya suka semua tulisan awak. Kalau boleh banyakan lagi posting untuk santapan minda kami semua.

sri tribuana said...

Salam anon 6;54,

if we can find brave captains, I follow him even to the end of the world. He also must know his stuffs, not merely repeating the slogan of his 'awak-awak'. The juragan must be bold and brave. Fortune favours the brave, says Roman.

Anon 5:51,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am only 40 series, can't afford 60 series yet,