Monday, July 15, 2013

How UMNO evolves from gentlemen arena to robbers baron's field?

When our forefathers built this nation, they can never imagine this newly independent country can be a rich nation through natural resources. They were too busy built it, created institutions and enhance our sovereignity. 

And our first generation of politician likes Tunku, Tun Abdul Razak and Tun Dr. Ismail were very honest, direct and transparent. Someone told me, which I not agree hundred per cent, that he always believes PAS is a better party than UMNO but UMNO always provides better leaders.

And his notion of 'betterment' in term of PAS as a party is strictly religous. But he never trusts PAS's leaders. He is convinced PAS's leaders is not 'modern leaders' who can manage modern country. They lack modern knowledges and skills.

On the other hand, leaders in UMNO well equipped with modern skills. And as a reverse, his notion UMNO as a 'bad' party also strictly religous. But I admit, UMNO did provided good leaders if not better for a modern nation like Malaysia.

But seem to me UMNO running out of good leaders in their stocks. The last, (I don't like to say the peak) I see them during Dr. Mahathir's era. When was UMNO went wrong?

I notice UMNO begin to regress when the candidates to represent UMNO must be popular in Cawangan and Bahagian. And the popularity not necessarily comes together with qualifications. How to become popular? The answer is money.

Those who can afford to buy votes can be  popular candidates and win. In this system, the candidates' qualifications are not relevant. Those who being elected hold amount of influence and power. They can determine higher level of candidates such as Vice Presidents, Deputy and President himself.

In return, they will be reward lucrative contracts and so on. They will make easy money with politics. This will encourage more 'ordinary' local leaders to join politics, and push aside those who are brainy with better qualifications. 

In the end, UMNO will becomes PAS. No more good leaders left to lead UMNO in cawangan, in bahagian and up to Supreme Council. 

Yes I know, in attempt to stop money politics, UMNO try to push the reform. Now the voters will be more than hundred thousands compare to 'perwakilan' system.Even cawangan will participate but the problem is UMNO highest level of leaderships running out of good leaders already. 

Tun Dr. Ismail once discussed this  phenomena of money politics with his closed friend, Phillip Kuok:

"I only wish that people will one day establish themselves in the professions and business world, and enter politics like the British politicians.[...] My message to the youth [...] is that they should not go into politics until they are financially or professionally secure". (The Reluctant Politician by Ooi Kee Beng)

How many UMNO leaders read this book? I am not sure. But the young generation of politicians should take heed of the late Tun Dr. Ismail's wisdom. 

Money destroyed UMNO from within. Now we have a minister who give a solution  not to eat chicken when chicken's price rising up. 

Out of 28 millions citizens in Malaysia, how can we ended up with this guy becomes our minister?

May Allah bless Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

Penduduk Malaysia 28 juta bukan nya semuanya CITIZENS.
3++ juta adalah PATI ,Permanent residents (MYKAD Merah), Malaysia My Second home,Expatriates,dan Talent Corp, pelajar IPTS(nigeria ghana somalia) penjual karpet afghan dan pakistan.
Juga termasuk transients (pompuan cina vietnam philiphine thailand dan 9 orang yang tinggal di KLIA.
Malaysia truly asia.
Thank you AIR ASia TONY and Ng and nazri.
arjuna waspada
changkat lobak

Anonymous said...

Hasan Malek made sense. Its another way of demonstrating the power of consumer apart from endless rounds made by authorities in pasar borong and pasar ramadan.

sri tribuana said...

Anon 1:27,

Is that a solution?

Anonymous said...

It is not a solution but indirect suggestion to Melayu yang tak panjang akal to think that we do have alternatives and can use our power as consumer to boycott the cinabeng supplier.

cannonkapit said...

The era of no-internet or no-fax and as such saw little demand for material gains for aspiring politicians.UMNO then was genuine in its struggle.

Now UMNO seems to sidetrack its main struggle - to safeguard the Malays.

Today it's money n power which matter most.

Anonymous said...

We can now say UMNO can't be saved anymore. After 2 GE and promising change and reform, we could hardly see anything positive taking place. Our Mr. Popularity PM isn't seen looking into taking steps to realize his promised reforms. We need no economic reform today if economic reform should come in the form of taking from one and gving it to the other like those rubbish manipulated by brainless Khazanah appointees and the people are being robbed time and again of their anticipation for better living standard.
This is UMNO of today. UMNO of the 1st 5 presidents got us to unite, independence, laid excellent foundation for nationhood & economic progress, modernized, provided equal opportunity for every citizens tirelessly.
These were national leaders, master planners and drivers with visiions. The works of these good men have brought us what we are enjoying today only to be plundered by braindead heartless souls claiming leaders of the day. Congratulations Malaysia; Welcone to experiencing gradual breakdown of a country. With the present cabinet lineup and appointees, the breakdown will accelerate faster than we can imagine.