Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How to kick out Punahsihats - lesson from 'Road to Perdition.'

As long as the King still reigning, no matter how many times you kill his Bishops, Knights or even Queen, 'King' still can appoints and recycles his team. The 'King'; even he is the weakest among the powerful but the most vital piece in the game of chess. As a rule, you MUST check mate him, finish him off once and for all. 

Or else, his Bishops and Knights, most notably his Queen will roaming around dominate the realm.

The 'King' is either reigns or die, declared Saint Just during French Revolution. The leader is either effective or politically dead.

We don't need a ceremonial leader anymore. We need a leader with his own principle, his own brain, his own vision to lead us. A leader who brave enough to make a right thing instead of a popular one.

Enough is enough. We don't want a leader who was  led by his Punahsihats. This is bad for our  nation. 

I am fed up enough whenever I read some of my friends' blogs about these punahsihat giving bad advises, and PM makes it as a policy, and some punahsihat made a terrible blunder and we thought we have done with him but instead, he being appointed to more powerful post.

Here the disturbing news: Toxic Recycling - The Gang of Doom. The draculas, pontianak, dinosour, loser, moron, opportunist are still around, and I believe the agenda is not to serve the nation. They were failed before, and as a rule they should vanish. 

But they still around and some of them talking about bring back talented Malaysian to serve this country. We spent millions to bring back talents but they still around. The talented suppose to reluctant to co-operate with these sort of creatures. Read here, here, here, here and here.

The millions dollar question is, how to remove them? We cannot.

In the movie 'Road to Perdition', Tom Hank is a hitman under John Rooney's(played by Paul Newman) payroll. He has trouble with his boss's son. His boss's son order the execution of Tom Hank's entire family. Tom Hank cannot kills him as long as John Rooney still alive. Ironically, John Rooney treats Tom Hank like his own son.

But of course as a father he has to protects his son. In order to settle his score with Rooney's son, Tom Hank killed John Rooney himself. Then he can deals with his son.

So again, how to finish off the threats from Punahsihat. Maybe we can learn from 'Road to Perdition'.

"Politicians and diapers must be change often, and for the same reason." This is a comment from blog Outsyed the Box. And I agree, we change them if they give us more shit.

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Anonymous said...

Let's stop bitching about it and get rid of this people. Getting realy sick when reading about them in the past month.
Bloggers should join forces to start the ball rolling with an action plan.
1. Name the people that needs to be replace.
2. Provide names for the replacement.

Do it now before it is too late.